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Why are Savannah Cats So Expensive? Exploring the High Cost!

Why are Savannah Cats So Expensive?

When you ask why are savannah cats so expensive? the answer is their scarcity, male infertility, and higher stud price. These are just a few reasons that make the savannah cat one of the most expensive cats.

In various states, the savannah cat is illegal to breed and own. The Savannah cat has been the world’s tallest domestic cat, and they are undoubtedly among the most exotic ones as well. The savannah cat standards are extremely strict, and the Filial Designation, from F1 to F5, defines the price of the cat.

This breed is a mix of African wild Serval and the domestic cat. When kittens are closer to Serval, the price is higher. These cats have excellent temperaments, and they love water.

The savannahs are intelligent cats who love to stay active and do exercise because of their high energy disposition. A male stud with fertility is difficult to find in this breed which increases its price. According to some cat lovers, the Savannah is just a brand name like Versace, Gucci, and Prada; that’s why you have to pay more to own this cat.

Why are Savannah Cats So Expensive? 6 Key Reasons:

When the supply of a product is lower than the demand, this phenomenon will automatically increase the price.

As for the Savannah cat, various factors help this cat attain exotic standards. The most substantial reasons for this cat to be expensive are its legal status and unwavering breed standards, along with the following:

1- Gender

Since most of the males of Savannah cats are infertile, the fertile ones are way much expensive than the females. Male Savannah cats are larger, and they are more in demand than females. The larger cats are more attractive for the cat lovers in this breed.

The female cats are not in high demand as compared to the male of this breed. The F1 males comply with the breed standards, but only a few fertile males are available globally.

The scarcity of fertility and the intimidating personality increase the price of the male. But that doesn’t mean you can get a female Savannah cat at a meager price. The female savannah cats are sold at a higher price than any of the other expensive cat breeds.

2- Cost of Breeding

When calculating the breeding cost, you add housing, medication and feeding cost in the equation. But in this case, if you only count the price of the stud and the female, the cost can reach a staggering $10,000.

The kittens are priced according to their confirmation to the breed standards, categorized as F1, F2, F3, and so on. Most of the males of Savannah cats are infertile. That’s why you need an un-neutered Serval male, which can cost you around $5000 to $6000.

The F3 or F4 counterpart will cost $4000 to $5000 for the kittens with a higher confirmation rate of the breed standard. Talking about the feeding, the Serval will eat 2 pounds of raw meat that could cost you $4 a day. The supplements and other medication will cost you more than the average cat.

Both the male and female cats will roughly cost you $6000 a year for food and medication if there are no big expenses like any surgery or medical procedure involved. The higher cost of keeping the cats persuades the breeders to charge higher for every kitten.

3- Generation

why Savannah Cats Are so expensive - savannah feline

Most of the stud males are infertile of the Savannah breed, and only 10 percent can create life. TICA has rules and regulations that require cats to show particular traits. These traits are classified according to the confirmation to generation category. Following is the list of categories that TICA, the International Cat Association, accepts.

  • F1 Savannah: The first generation resulting from the crossbreeding of a serval and a domestic cat. This category has the highest percentage of serval ancestry which is aroud 50%.
  • F2 Savannah: The second generation that results from breeding an F1 savannah with a domestic cat.
  • F3 Savannah: The third generation resulting from breeding an F2 savannah with a domestic cat.
  • F4 Savannah: The fourth generation produced by breeding an F3 savannah with a domestic cat.
  • F5 Savannah and beyond: The later generations, such as F5, F6, F7, tend to have diminishing serval ancestry and exhibit more predictable domestic cat traits while having some reminiscent traits of their serval heritage.

4- Savannah Cats Aren’t Universally Legal

Savannah cats are exotic, and in most of the states, they are illegal to own and breed. Most of the time, the owners have to face Ban Bills that could be costly.

Some states allow people to own and produce savannah cats, but you must check before buying one for you. When something is illegal, it gets a higher tag price regardless of the abundance of supply.

In the case of Savannah cats, these cats are rare, difficult to breed, and are illegal; that’s why you have to pay a higher price for a kitten. The most the kitten is higher in the breed confirmation category, the higher the price will be.

There are chances that a state previously allowing the ownership of the Savannah cat could prohibit the ownership of this cat. Dig deep and do your research well before making a move.

5- You’re Buying the Name (Like Brand)

Savannah is not a prodigy of amazing genetics with the hundred hours of labor of scientists. You get this cat breed when African Serval mates with a domestic feline.

The resulting males are mostly infertile, which increases their scarcity. But the rarity is not the only factor allowing the breeder and sellers to charge a staggering amount for this cat.

Most of the price you are paying for the Savannah cat goes in terms of the name. Like Ferrari or Harley Davidson, you buy a brand recognized worldwide and has a good fan following.

The same is the case with the savannah cat, which makes you pay an insanely higher amount than a cat that is not that expensive. To understand this phenomenon, you must know that Justin Bieber bought two Savannah kittens for $35000.

6- Care

You need to start dental and nail care of your Savannah from an early age. It will become challenging to start nail trimming a grown-up savannah when she doesn’t like this idea.

These cats don’t require monthly grooming, but once in a blue moon, you should go to the groomers for the complete care of your cat. You need to provide a cat tree to this active cat, and most of the vets and experts recommend going for more than one cat tree in different locations in the home.

Savannah doesn’t require regular hair trimming, but you must give her brushing twice a week. This cat needs care and attention from the parent. You need to provide various interactive toys for mental stimulation for this cat.

The medication and spinets are quite a deal when you want to calculate the cost of keeping this cat with you. You cannot go for a low-quality diet with this exotic breed. Vet recommended high-quality food will keep your Savannah safe from issues and problems in the future.

How Much Does a Savannah Cat Cost?

CategoriesKittens per LitterPriceFertilityToil
F1 SavannahOne to three$15,000 or moreExtremely LittleExtremely high
F2 SavannahOne to four$5,500 – $11,000LittleHigh
F3 SavannahTwo to four$2,800 – $5,200MediumMedium
F4 SavannahTwo to four$1,200 – $2,500MediumMedium
F5 SavannahTwo to five$1,000 – $2200NormalNormal

The savannah cats and their confirmation with the highest category show quite troubling links. An F1 male cat will mostly be infertile, and the F5 cat will have more fertility and comparatively low price. The Savannah show cats with higher breed standards are way more expensive depending on your location in the country.

Should I Buy A Savannah Cat?

Should I Buy Savannah Cats

If you have some extra cash to spare, you won’t ask why savannah cats are so expensive. Moreover, if you love to have exotic animals, these cats are just the perfect breed for you. All around the world, Savannah cats are rated among one of the most expensive cats.

If you are a collector of costly feats, this cat will help you satiate your need. But according to cat lovers, if you want to change a cat’s life, you should adopt one from the shelter house.

If you want to have this cat, there is no bad thing associated with this breed. This intelligent and loving cat will give you a quality relationship. Savannah cats love to tread water, and they love to play with their parent. You will not regret a single penny when you purchase this cat.

Thus, the decision to buy this breed should take into consideration not only the financial part as the breed is expensive, but, also legal considerations, time and attention as the savannah breed is known for its high energy levels and her need for mental stimulation, as well as the dedication required to meet the needs of these specific cats.

So, consider all aspects and make sure you are fully prepared before making such a commitment. In addition, instead of buying, adoption can be a rewarding option that provides a loving home for a cat in need.

Comparison Prices Male vs. Female

Why are savannah cats so expensive will take you down to the comparison price of these cats. The price of male and female Savannah cats is according to the filial category and percentage of Serval in them.

F1 Savannah: You can find the highest percentage of Serval in this category.

  • Male kittens $12,000 to $16,000
  • Female kittens $14,000 to $19,500

F2 Savannah: This category also has a higher Serval percentage but also has significant domestic cat genes.

  • Male kittens $4,000 to $8,000
  • Female kittens $3,500 to $7,000

F3 Savannah: If you have a family with small children, this category is more compatible for you with a higher percentage of a domestic cat gene.

  • Male kittens $1,500 to $4,000
  • Female kittens $1,000 to $4,000

F4 Savannah: This category has just 15% Serval in them.

  • Male kittens $1,000 to $2,500
  • Female kittens $800 to $2,500

F5 Savannah: Less than 15% of Serval with domestic cat like features makes it shorter than the other categories.

  • Male kittens $1,000 to $5,000
  • Female kittens $1,000 to $2,500

Final Thoughts

The answer to the question of why savannah cats are so expensive will have two different opinion groups. One would suggest it’s only marketing and all. While the other will persuade you with the breeding standard, rarity, exotic personality, and somewhat illegal status.

In reality, both groups are correct in their stances. It’s you who is to decide what to do when it is about purchasing a Savannah. Whether you can go for an expensive cat that will give you a relation of a lifetime. Or you could adopt a cat and change her life by giving her love and affection.

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