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8 Weird Facts About Tabby Point Siamese Cat That Will Surprise You

Tabby Point Siamese: 8 Facts that will surprise you

Tabby Point Siamese is also called Lynx Point Siamese. This breed is getting more popular because of its dramatic attitude and intimidating personality with cute looks. A Tabby Point Siamese cat is more loyal, lovely and friendly.

Having this cat will help you get more out of life and stay happy with the companionship of this scintillating feline. The Tabby Point Siamese cats happen to be great with the family members, and you won’t have to worry about them much.

Before getting a tabby home, you must know about their personality, attitude, and behavior to provide them with a happy environment that will increase their life and strengthen your bond with them.

The emotional bond that you will make with them will help these cats develop a fun relationship with the owner and the family to stay happy and fulfilled all the time.

Siamese is one of the oldest breeds, but this variant is not as old as its ancestors. Let’s have some surprising facts about these cats.

1. Prone to Obesity

When you buy a Tabby Siamese, keep one thing in mind; this cat has a history and susceptibility to getting obese. For some animals, obesity might not pose serious threats initially, but it is a game-changer for both the pet and the owner of the Tabby Point Siamese cats.

Many pets and cats can get along with the extra weight because of their body structure and strong legs. The slender structure and thin legs are not suitable for carrying extra weight.

When you buy a Tabby Point Siamese cat, you must adhere to the prescribed food plan from day one. In the middle age of these cats always provide them with low carb food to prevent obesity.

The Tabby Point Siamese cats can live longer and stay out of getting obese if you spay them early. The neuter cat will need less energy and eat less, eventually will stay fit and slender as it should be.

2. Possessiveness

When it is about the owner of the Tabby Siamese, this cat will make no compromise. This cat will accept one person as to its owner and show you the signs and signals that the person has been accepted.

The Tabby Point Siamese cat will follow her owner everywhere inside the house, and it will cuddle a lot with that owner.

These cats usually connect with the owner in the first few weeks and stay connected for the rest of their life. When they are around with the same owner, usually there is no change of ownership.
This possessiveness sometimes makes things difficult for the other members of the family and pets.

If these cats see that someone is trying to intimidate their owner or is menacingly approaching them, they will not hesitate to attack. The owner mostly gets head bumps in the legs to make them realize that they are important for the Tabby or Lynx point.

3. The Written History

The first written evidence of Tabby Point Siamese is found in the book published in 1902. Frances Simpson wrote “the Book of the Cat”. After that, there was no narration or evidence of the existence of these cats.

The Tabby Point Siamese Cats were seen in Scotland in 1945, where there was no such event or incident of utmost importance.

Later in 1966, a Tabby Point Siamese cat was presented in the cat show in London. This fateful day was responsible for the increasing demand for these cats among cat lovers.

The increasing demand forced cat fanciers to increase their breeding and get more out of Siamese and Tabby point. These cats belong to a very young generation increasing more in popularity, specifically all around the US and UK.

4. Less Shedding

Cats are not hypoallergenic for humans as they all have hair, and shedding is a common phenomenon with cats. Tabby Siamese is no exception either. But there is a catch as this breed has short hair, and the coat is covered with smaller and less dense hair, so the shedding is less.

In most cases, there is almost no shedding in the seasons. And in off-season days, the hair shedding is relatively low.

The Sphinx cat with no hair on the skin can be considered a hypoallergenic cat, but a Tabby Point Siamese cat cannot be branded as one.

When you have an allergy to cats hair and dander, you should not go for buying one. But if you can handle some meagre shedding well, you can enjoy life with these felines.

5. Teeth Grooming is a Must

Cats and dogs don’t usually need regular teeth cleaning from the owners. The use of vegetable and fruits help owners provide a teeth cleaning spree for their pets. Most of the breeds usually don’t need regular brushing.

But when you have Tabby Siamese, you are in for a treat of regular exercise with teeth and gums. Like humans, these cats get teeth and gum issues if you don’t take care of them.

You will need regular brushing daily or weekly to provide Tabby Point Siamese Cats with oral hygiene and strong gums. If you are lazy in taking care of your pet, try thinking more than twice before getting a Tabby Point Siamese cat for you.

Your pets are dependent on you, and if you don’t take care of your pet, they will suffer from diseases and medical conditions.

6. Not an Exact Version of Siamese

Tabby Point Siamese Cats are the offspring of Siamese and Tabby American cats. The personality of the lynx point Siamese or Tabby Point Siamese is close to the Siamese cats, but their nature is quite different from the spiced up nature of Siamese cats.

If you don’t like Siamese cats because of their overexcited, curious and haphazard behavior, a Tabby Point Siamese cat will melt your heart, and you would love to have one for you at home.

The Tabby point or Lynx Point cats are docile, and they don’t keep making a scene by running around all the time. Moreover, the tabbies are sensitive with the minds of their own.

These cats are more independent and also love to spend time on their own. You can ask them to play with you more often, but still, they will only follow one human and stay connected with the single person in the family.

7. Independent Attitude

When you want to have a tabby point, you must understand the behavioral difference between the two genders. Male and female lynx cats are not the same according to their habits and routines.

If you want your cat to connect with your family and enjoy everything around, going for a female lynx point will be great for you.

These female felines love to connect with more than one family member. They are more independent. You don’t have to provide them with attention and affection all the time. They will love to roam around in their territory.

The male counterparts, on the other hand, are more dependent. The male will only connect with the single owner. He will love to enjoy the company of the owner. You will get head bumps more often from the male.

The masculine structure will be larger, and he would love to follow you in your routines. The male lynx point will love to play with other family members, but the emotional connection will remain intact and solid with the single owner.

Choosing the gender according to your needs will always add beauty and happiness to your cat parenting experience.

8. Common Diseases

The most common problem that you can find in tabbies is that they will start showing lethargic behavior out of nowhere. Lethargy means that the cat has stopped playing and eating or reduced the activities to the minimum.

The reduction in activity and food consumption signifies that the feline suffers from a disease or an infection. The common places for infection in lynx point are bladder infection or urinary tract infection.

Pests are also a significant cause of lethargic behavior, diarrhea and vomiting in the lynx point. When you see that your tabby is showing different than normal behavior, you must consult your vet at once for the disease or issue your cat is suffering from.

Final Thoughts

Tabby Point Siamese is undoubtedly the youngest and latest breed getting more love from cat lovers. Fanciers are getting more into the breeding of the Tabby Point Siamese cats because of the rising demand.

The hidden facts and surprising things we have mentioned above will help you know more about this latest breed and help in strengthening your bond without making much effort.

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