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Lilac Point Siamese Cat: (Everything you Need to Know)

Lilac Point Siamese Cat: (Everything you Need to Know)
Lifespan:15 – 20 years
Weight:8 – 12 lbs
Height:8 – 10 inches
Colors:Creamy white color with blue sapphire eyes.
Ears, tails & paws go grey.
Temperament:Friendly, Loyal, talkative, Inquisitive, Energetic.
Suitable for:Families and companionship, with or without other pets.
kitten Prices:Reputed breeder, cost between $800 to $1200
Adult Prices:Premium breeders: somewhere around $1200 to $2000

Lilac Point Siamese with excellent memory and intelligence are a treat to have as pets. These cats have a lot more to offer to make you fulfilled in the relationship. These are independent, talkative and social creatures to make your life a wonderful delight. The recent increases in their demand have made fanciers go for this breed and offer you these sophisticated beauties.

What Is a Lilac Point Siamese?

Lilac point was not that popular a few decades before. In the beginning, when breeders and fanciers were doing experiments to create a new breed, someone came across it. The Lilac Point Siamese was the offspring of chocolate point and blue point Siamese.

People considered it a failed experiment when the shade was dull, and the cat was different from the parents. The lilac shades on their body made them famous in recent times, and these cats are getting more popular day by day.

History & Origin of Lilac Point Siamese

In the beginning, the Lilac Point Siamese cat was considered a bad experiment. The fanciers considered Lilac Point as a failed version of blue and chocolate point.

But back in 1995, these cats gained fame. And the Lilac Point Siamese was considered as a separate color type. It is the recent version of the recently accepted color. Fanciers are deliberately making these colors bred because of their soaring demand.

Lilac Point Siamese Kittens — Before You Buy

Lilac Point Siamese is quite a different version from Siamese cats. If you are not a fan of stalking cat who keeps poking their nose in everything you do it is the right choice for you. These cats have independent personalities, and you will have to give them more to have more.

These are affectionate towards owners, but for Lilac Point Siamese cat, independence is more important. Do some research and go for a quality breeder for an authentic Lilac Point Siamese.

How Much does a Lilac Point Siamese Cat Cost?

Finding a Lilac Point kitten is not difficult. But getting a reputed breeder who focuses on the health and happiness of the cats is a daunting adventure.

A Lilac Point Siamese kitten can be found in $600 to $800. But the reputed breeder with authentic parents might charge you $800 to $1200. And when you go for the premium breeders, the adults will cost you somewhere around $1200 to $2000.

Are Lilac Point Siamese Rare?

Lilac Point Siamese cats were not considered as a separate breed or color before 1995. Lilac Point Siamese was not famous, and the breeders were ashamed of having them as the subdued version.

No one was willing to buy them, but after 1995, the fate of Lilac Siamese took a dramatic turn. And these cats are becoming a sensation for cat lovers.

A lilac point is the offspring of blue and chocolate points, and it is a bit difficult to have the perfect shade and combination. That’s why these cats are considered somewhat rare.

Lilac Point Siamese Personality

The Lilac Point Siamese are considered melodramatic cats. These cats are famous for their playful nature to get along well with other children and pets. You will get a lot of love and attention but be ready for some surprises as they have few tricks under their paws.

First of all, these cats are indecent and very talkative. Secondly, they love their owners and love to spend some time with them.

But for a Lilac Point Siamese cat, independence is of more importance. And they are focused on creating happy memories with the owners.

When you give them toys and treats, they will linger around you for some time, and once the charm is over, you will see them lying elsewhere.

These cats are just like compassionate people who will be there when you need them but will love their own company in their spare time.

How to Identify a Lilac Point Siamese?

The fur of creamy white color with blue sapphire eyes is the identification of Lilac Point. The ears, tails and paws go towards frost grey color shade. With all these identifications, when the cat has a pink shade nose and paw leather, it is a Lilac Point Siamese.

An experienced breeder will take just a second to identify the cat. When you see a watered-down chocolate shade with a blue base, the identification process come close to a yes.

What Is the Difference Between Blue Point Siamese and Lilac Point Siamese?

You might think that blue point Siamese and Lilac Point Siamese cats are the same, but this is not the case. In reality, the Lilac Point Siamese cat will come with a frost or platinum grey fur. The blue base and shade will be dominant but still will give way to the washed down chocolate.

The lavender and Lilac Siamese might confuse you a bit. But the blue point is vividly different from the Lilac Point Siamese cat.

The main difference in the personality of both cats is their dependence on the owner and the habit of spending time with them.

A blue point is fond of the owner and will have to spend as much time as possible. But for the lilac point, with the founders, it is more of a passionate relationship. Where both the parties trust each other and respect their independence and loyalty.

A lilac point will love to spend time with the owner but at the same time will get joy from some leisure time alone. The blue point is quite the opposite and enjoys time with the people around.

How Long Does Lilac Point Siamese Cats Live?

Lilac Siamese are no different from Siamese cats in terms of age and life expectancy. The average life of a Lilac Point Siamese cat is 15 to 20 years. The life expectancy of the cat also depends on the habits and routines of the cat.

If you give them good food and exercise routines, you will get 18 to 20 years. Getting the kitten neuter and spayed will keep them away from medical conditions, and as a result, your Lilac Siamese lives longer.

Interesting Facts About the Lilac Point Siamese Cat

A Lilac Point Siamese cat has the temperature-dependent color of fur. When you keep them in a warmer climate, their color will get faded and light. And in winter and cold climates, your Lilac Siamese would show light color.

The blue genes get diluted by the chocolate point. That’s why you get bluish shade in Lilac Point Siamese. They are friendly and love to roam around with the members of the family. They also get along well with the children and strangers.

How Do Breeders Get Siamese to Be Lilac?

Fanciers and breeders were focusing on getting Korats from the different breeds of Siamese. The Lilac Point Siamese cat was an accident which the breeders deemed as their mistake.

Seal Points and chocolate point parents give the beautiful lilac point kittens. And before 1995, Lilac Point were nothing but the shame for the breeders.

The pinkish Lilac Siamese is getting more popular because of their playful and friendly nature with the different and unique color scheme.

Temperament & Intelligence of Lilac Point Siamese

The Lilac Point Siamese cats are loyal and loving friends for their owners. These cats love to play with children and do well with strangers. You don’t have to worry about other pets. And when they are alone, they will poke their nose in almost everything you have.

They are more concerned about how the social circle works and how you perform acts in your house. You can make them learn a couple of tricks, but their talkative and inquisitive nature is enough to keep you busy and distracted. They have a great memory to remember good and bad events, so be careful with those.

Are Lilac Point Siamese Cats Good for Families?

When you have children in the family, getting a new pet might make you worried. But with the Lilac Point Siamese, you don’t have to bother this thing at all.

These cats love to have children around. And they create bonds readily with other family members. All the family members will love to have their company. And their playful nature will keep every member involved and happy.

Things to Know When Owning a Lilac Point

They are different from other cat breeds, and you must know some essential facts about their exercice, training, grooming & Food Requirements.

Food Requirements

Lilac Point Siamese cats need protein and good quality food. They need minerals, healthy nutrients and a variety of different foods. Consulting your vet about their food would be a great favor on these cats.

The cat breeder who supplied the Lilac Point Siamese kitten or adult cat will also tell you a great deal about the food and eating habits. As with the help of good food, you can extend the lifespan of your feline.


When you give your Lilac Point Siamese cat the right food, you don’t need to worry about getting overweight. These cats are full of energy and will keep roaming around and playing in the house.

Lilac Siamese don’t need specific routine and agility training. The kittens will keep you busy and force you to play with them with their affectionate eyes. And for the adult, Lilac Point toys, chase frenzy and following you everywhere is enough to stay in shape.


You don’t need specific training routines to make Lilac Point adjust to your habits. These cats are intelligent and love to follow you and your routine.

These talkative cats are eager to learn and love to play with the owner. When you want your Lilac Point Siamese cat to perform a particular trick, a little positive reinforcement will get you the things done.


Lilac Point Siamese has short hair, and they don’t need excessive grooming. These felines love to clean them and lick all over their body to stay shiny and tidy. They need occasional brushing to get out dead hair and prevent itching and other issues.

Giving them water, good food and a good environment will keep their fur shiny and hair strong. You don’t have to worry about shedding and excessive dead hair even in the seasons. The occasional brushing and monthly bathing will give you a perfect cat to love and enjoy.

Lilac Siamese Male Vs. Female

There is no distinguishing difference in the behavior of the male and female Lilac Point Siamese. These felines have loyal and affectionate behavior towards the owners.

The female tends to remain independent during the gestation and lactation period. Otherwise, both males and females will give you almost the same amount of love and affection you give to them.

They are not ordinary felines who will do everything for you without having anything in return. Instead, you might earn their affection by giving them love and sincerity.

Final Thoughts

When you want exciting and appealing Siamese with beautiful eyes and fabulous fur, Lilac Point Siamese is just what you need. These felines are lovable and affectionate with no special grooming needs.

A Lilac Point Siamese is an intelligent and affectionate cat that loves to have children around. You don’t need to worry about strangers and other members of the family. You will get as much affection from them as you will shower on them.

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