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Flame Point Siamese Cat: (Everything You Need To Know)

Flame Point Siamese Cat: (Everything You Need To Know)
Lifespan:15 – 20 years
Weight:9 -14 pounds
Height:16 – 21 inches
Colors:Flame point
Temperament:Dignified, Caring, Intelligent
Suitable for:Families and companionship, with or without other pets.
kitten Prices:Average $400 – $1000. Can go up to $2000
The price of these cats is also affected by:
– Location.
– Parents.
– Breeder’s Reputation.
– Other Factors

Flame point siamese is one of the most loved cats because of their intelligence, outgoing attitude, socializing skills, and being nice to the children.

These talkative cats bond with the humans in no time and become perfect family members. There are various temperature-based colors in siamese.

All these colors are called pointed color patterns. The most common colors are Seal Point Siamese and Chocolate Point Siamese. But the rarest one is flame point siamese or Red Point Siamese.

These are the rarest creatures in the Siamese family, and there is a lot more to fascinate and make you fall in love with these Cats, who are still not registered in most Siamese registries.

Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Rare?

It is not a rumor that Flame Point Siamese hail as a rare cat breed. These feline beauties are across from Siamese and red or orange tables.

You cannot make these two breeds hang out together, do the thing and provide you with the cute and cuddly Flame Point Siamese cat in the first attempt.

It takes patience, several failures, tries again, and favors the lady luck to get the flame point texture in kittens. Getting orange tabby lines on the face is more difficult than the flame point texture itself.

Where Does Flame Point Siamese Come from?

Nora Archer can be crowned for the creation of this rare and unique color texture in Siamese. With the other breeders, she started working on Siamese cats to create these sophisticated cats with rare features and tabby lines.

Another breeder Miss Ray worked diligently, and after various attempts, she was able to get flame point Siamese without the tabby stripes on their face. She was also responsible for adding them to some of the cat registries.

It was for the attempts of these breeders that we now have flame point cuties who are still difficult to acquire and breed. Breeders are enjoying privilege in the market because of the testimonials and satisfied customers.

Even today, when you want to buy one, you must go for reputed breeders, and asking them for a referral is not a rude move. The breeders will love to share the information of their happy customers with you.

Flame Siamese Cat Male VS. Female

The female Flame Point Siamese tend to explore their territory and are more temperamental comparing males who spend most of the time laying back on their favorite couch or in the lounge.

Male flame points are a bit larger, and their weight could reach up to five pounds. Males tend to lay down and enjoy life as lethargic adults. But still, they would love you more and will want your attention and continuous affection.

Both male and female cats connect to the owner emotionally. And they will get serious issues if you start living away from home for some extended time without preparing them for these regular separations.

If a female flame point is not spayed, the babies will keep her occupied, and you won’t have to worry about spending time with her. But it is advised that you neuter the male and spay the female to save them from various medical issues. According to studies, the sterilization of pets protects them from diseases and increases their life from more than two to three years.

What’s the Price of Flame Point Siamese Cat?

Flame Point Siamese have quite confusing prices of kittens and adults in the market depending on the various factors.

You can find a kitten of this breed is $400 to $1000. But if both the parents a real Siamese cats, the price would easily reach a staggering $2000.

The price of these cats is also affected by your location, the breeder’s reputation, and tabby lines on the face. The cats are very difficult to get since you need more than one tries to get the litter of Flame Point Siamese cats. These rare Siamese are not mostly available for adoption because of their higher price.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Flame Siamese

1. These are the Rarest Breeds

Getting these Flame Point Siamese cats is one of the most challenging things associated with them. You will have to go for many tries to attain tabby lines on their face.

2. Red Points were not available before the 1940s

This breed was first made in 1940 when many breeders took various attempts in perfecting the texture and color.

3. Mostly 75% of all Flame Point Siamese Cats are Male

Another interesting fact about Flame Point Siamese cat is that more than three-quarters of the offspring are male in every litter, and scientists still don’t know why.

Temperament & Intelligence

Flame Point Siamese are more related to dogs in terms of intelligence and temperament. These are different from cats in various ways.

A Flame Point Siamese cat will follow you at home and will love to sit on and around you to feel connected. This cat breed will suffer from separation anxiety more profoundly if you spend more time away from home.

These cats sense your mood and change theirs accordingly to make you feel connected and comfortable. Simply put, these cats love you more than any other cat breed you find.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

Flame Point Siamese cats are the perfect companion for single and couples. These cats have an intense desire to stay connected and be around humans all the time. These cats are self-sufficient and love to play with children and spend time with the owners just like dogs do.

If you are not allergic to cats, there is no reason for you to get yourself kittens or an adult or two of this most sophisticated breed.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

When you already have a dog or cat in your home, you should not worry about bringing Flame Point Siamese cats in your home as the new addition to the family. These cats go along with pets well. And in some cases, they also intimidate other pets to keep a serene environment in the home.

Regardless of the species, these cats connect with all of your pets, and you would love them more the way these felines behave with other pets.

Things to Know When Owning a Flame Point Siamese:

Flame Point Siamese cats are different from other cat breeds, and you must know some essential facts about their grooming and training. Without making further ado, let’s start this section:

Food Requirements

Flame Point Siamese are carnivorous and need protein as an essential source of their intake. They need 25% protein in their consumption, and you must not stick to the dry cat food as it will result in dandruff and constipation. The cat food must have one of the following:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Turkey
  • Tuna

For kittens: When the babies are young, they need protein and fat for their adequate growth. You cannot take the risk of making food at home, and choosing the food from hundreds of different options is a nightmare.

Asking your vet and cat breeder for the right food is the perfect option to keep the babies healthy and happy during their early days.

For Adults: if you buy adult Flame Point Siamese or when the kittens grow up, changing the food is essential for them. Consulting your vets regarding any allergies and sensitivity of your feline friend will always pay off.

Offer them meat and cat food from trusted sources according to their body needs prescribed by vets and cat suppliers.


These cats are energetic and active. You don’t need to take them on walks or special agility training. But you can help them stay active by offering them toys and allowing them to explore the vicinity. Cat condones, laser penlight, and playing with them will make them fit and in shape without hassle.


Getting a Flame Point Siamese is hard, but training one is a really easy job to do. With little patience and effort, you can make them learn to sit, roll over, come and go on your command.


Flame Point Siamese cats don’t need special groomers; you can keep them in excellent condition by occasional nail clipping and regular brushing to keep the shedding and hairballs away.

Final Thoughts

Flame Point Siamese are rare cats, and there are a lot of facts that lay hidden from plain sight. We have come up with a complete fact guide about these cute feline beauties.

We have shared the most useful, effective, and undisclosed facts that will let you know them more and enjoy your life to the fullest if you get the chance to have them in your home. Do share us with others on social media to let others know more.

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