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Can Sphynx Cats Wear Collars? (Explained)

Can Sphynx Cats Wear Collars

Sphynx cats are the most majestic and intimidating cats. If you are a proud parent of one or more Sphynx cats, you must be wondering Can Sphynx Cats Wear Collars. Well, the answer to this question is a yes but with some considerations and precautions.
What are those measures to protect the well-being of your sphynx cat in the collar endeavor, let’s find out but address some important questions first:

Why Think Of a Collar For Sphynx Cat in The First Place?

As a proud Sphynx cat parent, you must know how much these intimidating beings rock the jewelry. The children call them the dons of cats, and they seem to like them with the jewelry. Their personality and bald skin make everything prominent on their body.

Apart from the jewelry, children and cat parents love to have them adorned with a collar. It makes them look more beautiful and dominating in the entire house. They are cute and cuddly and love the attention of their owner. A beautiful collar with gangsta, elegant, hip-hop r formally decent style will make them a superstar in your house.

These cats love attention, and they can be mean if they don’t get it from their parents. But when you show affection and love, they will let you know that your affection is acknowledged. The use of a collar is a blessing, but this blessing might come in disguise if you don’t keep things in your hands.

Should You Put a Collar on A Sphynx Cat?

The question of Can Sphynx Cats Wear Collars comes with various worries and sprites of happiness. The use of collars for a hairless cat might seem cruel to some people as it might irritate them. But that doesn’t mean you can simply discard the idea of a cat collar on a Sphynx cat.

You can go for any type of collar but beware of the tightness and suffocating grip of the collar. The loose and comfortable collar is safe, and you should make your Sphynx rock the collar in the house. Apart from the debates and different opinions of the people regarding the spite of the collar, the answer to the main question here will remain a yes.

The beauty and charm is not the only thing associated with a collar for Sphynx cat. The most important thing is the owner’s contact number and address if the cat gets lost in the concrete jungle. The cat parents also use collars for their Sphynx cats, who are habitual of going out.

Is It Safe For a Sphynx Cat To Wear a Collar?

Now come to the most significant concern, the safety of your Sphynx cats under the collar. Vets and experts do not forbid you from the idea of making the cats wear a collar. They go for the notion that if you want to give them the collar, be choosy and picky for some considerations.

You will read about the consideration and important factors in the following section. But you must understand that there are no harms and hazards associated with the collar. Your vigilance and care will reduce the negative impact of the collar on your beloved beauty kings and queens.

It is safe for a Sphynx cat to wear a collar as long as the collar is chosen with care and a keen eye on the following factors for the safety and well-being of your beloved mates.

If I Got a Collar For My Cat, How Can I Make Sure It Is Safe?

The best move will be looking for the following things in your collar before purchasing at all. You don’t want to compromise the well-being of your cats for a collar that you already have or just bought by simply the look of it. There is a lot more to the collar than simply the beauty.

Read the following and remember them whenever there is something you want to buy for your Sphynx cats. If you can’t remember all of them by heart, be sure to bookmark this link (Can Sphynx Cats Wear Collars) and tick the checkmarks for the points mentioned below.

Fleece Padded

Fleece is a lightweight material that adds puffiness to everything you put it into. The puffiness is not only for increasing the beauty of the collar; it will also make the product lightweight and charming. The light-weightiness will remain gentle on their neck.

The fleece will make the collar lifted from their skin, and they will not feel suffocated by wearing the collar. If you are making them wear the collar for the first time, be sure to go slow and steady. Make them wear the collar for five minutes and when the cat feels agitated, take it off. Keep increasing the time, and they will love this idea.


Hair on a cat’s body is the protection from scratching and scorching agents. The beautiful Sphynx cats are deprived of this luxury. That’s why you must ensure that there is no abrasion on their skin because of the collar.

The best way to check the abrasion is by rubbing your hand underneath and sides of the collar in back and forth circular motion. Your fingers will let you know about the whole structure and its integrity with comfort.

You must make a double check by making them wear a collar for 15 to 20 minutes and check the skin later with a torch. The bright light will reveal scratching signs on their skin if there is an abrasion from the collar. The presence of a few lines is enough for you to throw this collar right away.

Safe Material

Your Sphynx cat is born without hair, and there is no issue with it. But when you buy an unsafe material for their soft skin, the issue will start surfacing seriously. Make sure that your cat is not allergic to a particular material. Your vet will guide you best in this enlightenment process.

When you have few unsafe options, you must avoid them and only go for the safe material for your Sphynx cat. Your fur beauty deserves your care and attention towards the collar material. Any negligence will irritate their skin, and it could lead to bruises and harmful scratches on their neck.

No Seams On The Inside

The seams on the belt are a must, but you can find various options in the markets that are stuck with the safe glue. The seams become tiny bumps of hard and brittle nature. Every bump is a potential threat to their skin, and you must avoid all of them.

The seams on the inside will rub on the skin, and your cat will suffer the most. That’s why you must always avoid the collar that has layers sewn together. If the seams are prominent on your fingers, they are harmful to the cat’s skin.

No Metal Parts

Jingle bells on the collar are a fun thing to have. The bell will let you know where your cat is, and you will be notified when they are coming to you. But the metal hook and jingle bell body are not safe for their skin at all.

Cats love to sit and lie down in different positions and postures. Their posture-sutra is quite complex and huge. When they sit in different positions, the hook and bell can cause wounds and abrasions on their skin. You must avoid any or all types of metal decorations and bells.

No Glitter Or Some Other Material

The glitter of any extra material on the collar is a potential threat to their skin. The material could be allergic or abrasive for their baby’s soft skin. That’s why you must avoid all the extra decorations on the collar.

When we are not allowed to have collars with glitter or other adorning material, you might wonder how it can be fun. Well, there are printed patterns on the collar with safe ink. The most beautiful and charming collars are a huge success by adding 3D printed design.

Choose any printed collar and have your cat play the character from any Marvel, DC, or other favorite series of your choice.

Collar Alternatives That a Sphynx Cat Can Use

We still got you covered if you are not into collars and like to have something else rather than a collar. The above-mentioned guideline will offer you a comfortable and safe collar. But for the alternative options, you can have one or more of the following options.


A microchip is the safest yet expensive substitute for a collar. When you are concerned about the safety and retrieval of your cat if lost, you can trust this option. The vet will inject the microchip under the skin of your beloved Sphynx with your name, contact, and address.

But the cat must be found by a wise person to bring your beloved to the vet and get the chip scanned. A vet will contact you and let you know from where you can fetch your beauty. But the chances are quite low for the cat to be scanned in such a scenario.

If you change your contact number and address, you don’t need to get the chip out of the cat’s body. The process of updating the address and contact information is quite easy. Your vet will update the information within a minute, and your cat is good to go for exploring the world.

Break-Away Collars

Some parents are worried about the choking hazards of a collar. That’s why they avoid it. But the best substitute that looks exactly like a collar is a break-away collar. This product has earned this name and reputation by doing exactly what you call it.

The break-away collar will snap open and get broken temporarily to free your cat in case the collar gets stuck. The pressure from the pull and weight of the cat will open the latch, and the collar will break open. You can fix the collar right away by putting the latch back again.

Final Thoughts

The final thoughts for Can Sphynx Cats Wear Collars will lead us towards a printed collar that is safe by all means for your Sphynx. The material should be safe, and there must not be any abrasive seams, bumps, or metal parts on the collar.

Yes, you can make a Sphynx cat wear a collar, but it should pass the scrutiny test of the important considerations first.

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